What is Artical 370 and 35-A in jammu and Kashmir before revoke and after revoke ?

What is Artical 370 and 35-A in jammu and Kashmir ?


What is Artical 370?


Article 370 of the Indian constitution gave special status to the region of Jammu and Kashmir, allowing it to have a separate constitution, a state flag and autonomy over the internal administration of the state.

Before Artical 370 when It is in Jammu and kashmir

  • If A women from J&K married to a man from any other state of India (Mumbai, Delhi Etc) then that woman's citizenship will be terminated. But if they get married to someone of Pakistan then he will get J&K citizenship.

  • While the permanent living people of J&K lose all special privileges including the right to own property and hold state government jobs, the revoking of Article 370 ends the age-old discrimination against women who chose to marry outsiders.

  •  IN Jammu & Kashmir RTI is  not applicable.


After Artical 370 when It is revoke from Jammu and kashmir 


  • Jammu & Kashmir people have now India citizenship.

  •  Now Jammu & Kashmir comes In India now there is the same Flag.

  •  Now all the Order From Supreme Court will be legally allowed.

  •  In Jammu & Kashmir RTI is applicable.

  •  In Jammu & Kashmir RTI is not Applicable.



Article 35-A  : 

  • 5 August 2019 will mark as a Red Letter Day in History when the BJP Government headed by Shri Narendra Modi took a decision to snap Article 370 by issuing a Presidential Notification and got Presidential signature on 07 August 2019.

  • Article 35A allows the Jammu and Kashmir legislature to define permanent residents of the state. It was inserted through the Constitution Order, 1954, which was issued by President Rajendra Prasad under Article 370, on the the advice of the Nehru-led Union Government.


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